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Do you like bad girls who are total nymphos and enjoy gagging on a thick dick? If you do, you will have fun here at Cock Sucking Challenge, that’s for sure. Here, each and every scene features as many as two sick ass bitches deepthroating some serious dick for you two decide who of them is better at this. Trust us, they are doing things even a porn guy like you will find

Intro promises:
When it comes to blowjobs, a lot of girls just go through the motions. For the most part of it, they are just there and it’s like you should be grateful they opened your mouth so that you can slide your dick inside. But luckily for all of us there are other girls on this planet. There are girls who just throw themselves into it, slamming your bone down their throat, gagging, moaning, sucking you hard, milking you to the last drop – and remembering to play with your balls. Cause that’s important, right? The only thing better than a girl who is really good at sucking cock and does it like there’s no tomorrow is… Two girls like that! But how do you get two girls like that into the same room and get them to do their thing? Well, Cock Sucking Challenge will explain how. This fun new site was launched by the My XXX Pass network. Cock Sucking Challenge features two girls, each trying to be a dirtier, nastier, more fucked up cock-sucking nympho than the other. Whoever wins, the actual winner is you because you got two competing girls each using her own tricks and trying her absolute filthiest! Sounds like fun, right? Trust us, it is. Cock Sucking Challenge is like a site from the good old days, with catchy design, a crazy concept, and out of control porn sluts who will do anything.

Ready for the challenge? Even though you will not be doing anything particularly challenging exactly, this is not going to be very easy for you. Just because this shit is so steamy you just may end up jacking yourself so hard you’ll pass out or something! Trust us, Cock Sucking Challenge is way hotter and way crazier than most other sites that feature hard cocksucking and raw deepthroats. First off, there are two girls in each scene. You literally don’t know where to look. Each of the girls has her own techniques and tricks and attitude, and after all they are both smoking hot and naked. They keep choking themselves on these thick meat pipes, and you just don’t know which one to jack off to. So this will take some getting used to from your part. Cock Sucking Challenge is brand new, but it already offers tens and tens of episodes already. Each episode is called this girl versus this girl, so you just need to pick a combination of bitches you really like. The action stays more or less the same, these two dudes just shove their schlongs down these throats – and it’s up to the girls to make it all look special. Sometimes the girls share a cock and sometimes they have one to suck each. Whatever the setup is, Cock Sucking Challenge offers enough download and streaming options for you to enjoy this thing to the full. The My XXX Pass network also has tons of goodies inside, so take a look!

Cock Sucking Challenge is all about these two girls finding out who gives better head. You will be able to watch dozens of really intense and furious deepthroating sequences where each of the girls is trying to be the nastiest slut in the room. Cock Sucking Challenge offers full length HD downloads and streaming as well as unlimited access to the goodies of the My XXX Pass network. See Cock Sucking Challenge now!

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